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SATURN is a chain of specialistic electronics markets, which offer up to 100 000 products such as: electronics, household goods, new media, telecommunication, computers and photo. Clients can find the offer of the music and movie department with over 60 000 titles particulary interesting.
The following statement is the motto of SATURN: If we don't have it, it doesn't exist. It means that the customers are offered hi-tech and innovative products the earliest on the market. The ideas which will be gaining more and more popularity on the market in the future can be currently admired in SATURN: archetype, new brands, innovative technical solutions.

SATURN guarantees the lowest possible prices. While buying products, every client is certain to buy it for  the price which is the lowest in the particular region. Other charakteristic features of the network are: a wide assortment, a vast service offer and competent resource consulting with the professional staff.In October 2004 first two SATURN markets were opened in Poland: in Warsaw and in Janki next to Warsaw. 

SATURN Gdańsk is the ninth market in Poland.

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