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Center gift cards


Are you looking for a perfect gift but have no idea what to buy? Make our card an elegant gift for your family or friends and let them choose the best products offered by our shops.

What is a gift card?
A gift card is a perfect idea for a present. Give it to your loved ones and let them choose the best products from our offer! The card can be a gift idea for Christmas, birthdays or family occasions. It is also an elegant gift for your colleagues from work or clients.

How does it work?
The card is an electronic prepaid stored-value money card. It is a convenient means of payment you can use in Galeria Bałtycka shops where MasterCard payments are accepted. The card can be loaded only once. You can use it until its value is exhausted or the card expires (12 months after the purchase).

Where can I buy the gift card?
You can buy the card at the Information Desk in Galeria Bałtyckaon level 0, in the Car Park on level +3 or on the Internet. When you buy the card you only pay its value, that is, an amount from 30 to 1000 PLN. You can pay for it with cash, by card or by a bank transfer. We charge no additional fees. The card will be activated within 30 minutes after it is purchased.

How to check the card balance?
You can check the card balance:
on the Internet –
at the Information Desk on level 0 or in the Car Park on level +3
by calling the customer service: +48 22 490 6923
by scanning the QR code on the reverse of the card with your smartphone

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